Keeping your windows crystal clear inside and out

Here is what I use to do this

"Original Formula Rain-X" (Walmart)

"Zaino Brothers Z8 Quick Detail Spray"

"Scott Shop Towels" (Walmart)

"Blue Microfiber Towels" ($11 for 24x - Sams Club)

I'm REALLY anal about my windows being perfect. I do the below on my daily driver too.
Its friggin AMAZING in my GTI driving in blinding rain storms. Rain just fly's off the windshield.
I don't even need use my windshield wipers on the highway at all when its raining.

Some complain that Rainx makes there window's streaky.
Thats because they are NOT putting it on the way I have learned below.

I do this every 4-6 weeks on my daily driver and even my Corvette.
I do it on my Corvette because it makes the windows easier to clean being so smooth.
The micro fiber towels just slide over the windows with ease.
I do it on my GTI because Its fun watching everyone else with there wipers on HIGH in rain storms,
and they look at me like I'm nuts cause I don't even need to turn my wipers on...

Inside my windshield

On the tinted inside windows I only clean with a wet microfiber towel, and dry with a new microfiber towel.
You never want to get any chemical on the inside tinted windows. It can damage the tint.
On the inside of my front windshield I use Zaino Z8.
I wipe it on with a microfiber towel, and allow to dry to a haze.
I then wipe the inside of the front windshield with a new dry microfiber towel.
You will immediately notice that the inside of the front windshield is very slippery and easier to clean.
Wipe off all the haze and enjoy a clear front windwhield.

Outside of the windshield

Clean the windshield of all dirt.
I then take a Scott towel and fold it into a square about 4"x4" or smaller.
Pour some of the Rain-X liquid onto the folded Scott Towel.
Don't be shy. I pour it on good. Rub it onto your outside windows.
You will start to see it haze after a minute or two. Allow to sit ~30 mins on all outside windows (front/side/rear).
Grab another Scott towel and get it SOAKING WET ! Rub your window with the soaking wet Scott towel and rub off all the Rain-X.
You may need a couple or more soaking Scott towels to take the Rain-X off because it will
soak into the towel and re-apply it self on your next window. Use a Micro Fiber towel to dry off the windshield quickly.
You will immediately notice that the windshield is slicker than crap ! Smoother than a baby's bottom... !

In between RainX aplications on the exterior windows I like to use the Zaino Z8 detail spray.
Clean the exterior windows with the Zaino Z8, and allow to haze.
Wipe off the haze with a new micro fiber towel and enjoy clear clean windoes !

The next time you drive in the rain you will be AMAZED !

Pour it on the scott towel.

Wipe it on your windows, and allow to dry 30 or so minutes.

After 30 or so mins, get another Scott towel and soak it in water REALLY good.
Rub it on your window and get all the Rainx off.
Soak more Scott towels for more windows (so you don't spread the rainx to your next window.)

Dry your window with a Micro Fiber towel. Enjoy clear windows in rain or shine !