How to blow out your Radiator and AC Condenser.

This is just one way of doing this job.
I have seen where others have used water, and or also removed the radiator / AC condenser completely to clean.
I chose to use compressed air as it's easier for me, and less messy than water.

Here is what I used to do this:

Air Compressor
I got a Air gun at Harbor Freight, and modified it.
I got the below Air gun, and bent the tip 90 degrees.
I then cut the tip to be very short so I can slip it easily between the radiator's.

Remove the Air bridge over top of the radiator / AC condenser.

Remove the black Radiator cover. There are 2 screws on either side of it.

Below you can see the A/C condenser Radiator, the Engine Radiator, and the Fan's.
To clean out the AC Condenser, and Engine Radiator you want to make sure you blow the air toward the front of the car.
This will push the grass and dirt back out the way it entered the radiators.

Be sure not to have too much air pressure which could bend the Radiator fins.
Test your air pressure on a small section before starting to make sure you do not bend the fins.

I started by blowing out the AC Condenser radiator first.
Be careful not to touch any fins and bend them.
Gently, and slowly run the air gun in between the AC Condenser, and the Engine Radiator.

Once I finished with that I placed a piece of cardboard in between the AC condenser and Engine Radiator.
Placed up against the A/C Condenser radiator as best I could.
I did this because I did not want to blow dirt from the Engine Radiator into the AC condenser.
Gently pull the black plastic fan assembly away from the Engine Radiator to get the air gun in there.
I then blew out the Engine Radiator.
Gently, and slowly run the air over the entire radiator to blow out all the dirt.
Be careful not to touch any fins and bend them.

Re-assemble the Radiator cover, and the air bridge.

Now clean up the mess under your car... 8-)