Replacing the Oil in your C5 Corvette

What I got to perform this job:

Oil Catch container
Oil Filter. I use WIX 51042.
Your preferred oil. I use Redline 10W30.
Torque wrench.
15mm Open end wrench for oil drain plug.
Simple green and Rags to clean up any messes made.
Ramps or some way to lift the car.
Wheel chokes if applicable.
Something to tap a small hole in the bottom of the oil filter to drain it.
Oil Filter removal tool that fits on the torque wrench.("KD Tools 2790" Oil Filter End Cap)

Redline 10W30

Specs on the Redline 10W30

Specs on the Redline 10W30

I like to idle my car in the driveway till the oil temps reach about 125F.
Be very careful when draining the oil at this temp. OIL CAN BURN your hands !
Set up your ramps, and drive up.
With my car so low I use RaceRamps and the Xtenders.

Remove the Xtenders for easier access under the car.

Insert wheel chokes on both front tires.

Raise back of car with Jack, and Jack stands.
Car should be elevated slightly higher in the rear of the car to allow oil to drain properly.

Here is the drain plug. It points towards the front of the car on the bottom of the oil pan.
This is why you want the rear end of the car HIGHER than the front to allow the oil to drain better.

Remove the Oil cap on the top of the engine to allow all oil to drain more freely.

Insert the oil catch basin under your car and remove the oil plug.
Be careful as oil may be still hot !
Allow oil to drain fully.
Clean oil drain plug of all contaminants.
Clean oil drain area on your oil pan of all contaminants.

Install oil drain plug back into Oil pan. Torque to 18 ft lbs as per GM spec.

Gently tap a hole into the bottom of the oil filter.

Allow it to drain fully before removing the oil filter.
This will make MUCH less of a mess when removing the oil filter.

Using the oil filter removal tool, remove your filter.
KD Tools 2790 is the brand and model number Oil Filter removal tool I use.

Using the oil filter removal tool, remove your filter..

Oil Filter removed.
Clean oil filter seal area of all contaminants.

Prime your new oil filter with your new oil.

Fill it almost to the top.
Stick your finger in the oil, and run a bead of oil around the oil filter seal.
This will help to ensure a good seal.

Gently start screwing the oil filter onto the bottom of the motor BY HAND.
Using the oil filter tool, and torque wrench tighten oil filter to 22ft lbs as per GM spec.

Set torque wrench to 22 ft lbs.

Torque oil filter to 22 ft lbs.

Oil Filter installed.

Verify that your oil drain plug, and filter are installed and properly torqued !
Pour your new oil into the top of the motor slowly.
I always put in 6.5 qts and let it settle for 15 mins.
Install oil cap on top of motor.

Once your motor starts you should be around 40PSI after a few mins.

I poked some holes in my oil stick to better gauge my oil level.
I always seem to need to add a little more than 6.5 qts to get my dip stick to read full.

Verify no oil leaks under the car, and make sure oil cap is installed on top of motor.

To RESET your oil % Life remaining.

Turn your ignition key to the ON position, but DO not start the car.
Press the TRIP button so the OIL LIFE percentage is displayed.
Press RESET and hold for two seconds. OIL LIFE REMAIN 100% will appear.

Go for a short cruise and check for any oil leaks.
You should be good to go if no leaks are found!