LED Enhancements

Here is the link to find what type of bulb goes in our C5 Corvettes
Click Here for Link to Sylvania Bulb Replacement Guide

2004 CHEVROLET Corvette

Low beam headlamp - 9006
High beam headlamp - 9005
Parking light - 4157NA
Front turn signal - 4157NA
Rear turn signal - 3057
Tail light - 3057
Stop light - 3057
Fog/Driving light - 899
License plate - 194
Back Up Light - 2057
Front sidemarker - 194
Rear sidemarker - 194
Glove box - 194
Map light - 212-2
Trunk/Cargo area - PC168
Under hood light - 561
Step/Courtesy light - 194
Instrument-general - 194
Automatic transmission indicator - 194

Here is what I installed in my 2004 Z06

Front Side Clear Corner light housings

Your also going to need a LED hyperflash Harness when you install LED's like this.
Your turn signal's will blink twice as fast without this harness (Hyper-Flash issue)
You only need one harness which will fix the Hyperflash problem.

white/Clear Euro Tail Lights

My goal was to have the turn signal bulbs invisible inside the housing when the car was turned off.
I installed Red 3157 LED lights for clear part of the tail lamps.
I have regular 3157 clear bulbs in the red part of the housing.
You will also need the Hyper Flash Harness as mentioned above to instll these.
One thing that I noticed is that when turning on my Emergency flashers, I have the Hyperflash issue.
The Emergency flashers must work off a differnet circuit.
The picture below with the RED LED's on looks yellow. Its actually RED!

License Plate - 194 - 5 SMT LED's

Reverse Light LED's

Underhood 16 SMT LED's

Trunk - 194 - 5 SMT LED's

Footwell - 194 - 5 SMT LED's on both sides

Glove Box - 194 - 5 SMT LED

Rear View Mirror Map Lights. I got 12x 20000MCD 5mm WHITE LED's

Below I completed the full interior LED modification

I frosted all of my LED's with 400 grit sandpaper to help with light diffusion.
Radio = 10x Warm White 3mm 8000MCD LED's
HVAC = 11x Warm White 3mm 8000MCD LED's(I put 2x for fan speed)
HVAC = 2x Red, 2x Blue 3mm 8000MCD LED's(Goes behind Red/Blue dials)
Traction Control = 2x White 5mm 20000MCD LED's
Trunk/Fog button = 2x White 5mm 20000MCD LED's
Pass/Driver Door SW's = 7x White 5mm 20000MCD LED's
DIC = 4x White 5mm 20000MCD LED's (I recommend 3mm though)
HUD = 3x White 5mm 20000MCD LED's

White and Blue LED's require 470 Ohm resistors, and Red LED's require 560 Ohm resistors.