Ipod install in a C5 Corvette with out a CD changer,

I got:

1.) Peripheral ISGM73 iPod™ Adapter

2.) Peripheral GMH20TC 20-Pin T-Harness for 1997-04 Corvettes

First off the procedure that came with the adapter sucked ! I had a bunch of wires and no clue which was which. I looked over the net and eventually made heads or tails out of it. Once I did that it was very straight forward. Hopefully this can help clear it up for you guys so as to take the leg work out of it for you.

Set the White Peripheral box so that Dip Switches 3 and 8 are set to "ON".

You can see in the below pics that only GMH20TC, and PXHGM1 are used. PXHGM2 and PXHGM3 are not used at all. PXHGM2 and PXHGM3 come with the Peripheral ISGM73 iPod™ Adapter package. The white connector just above the white Peripheral box in the below pic is not connected to anything that I could find...:crazy: I just taped it up.

Solution to battery drain issue
Last 4x Pictures Below

Here is what I found. Its was a fairly easy solution, and it seems to operate the IPOD just as it did before. I was used to seeing the IPOD show a picture of the battery charging on it when I turned off the ignition. It does not do that now. The IPOD completely turns off now when the ignition is off.

I found a "ignition switched" 12v on the harness that is not used. Its on the PHXGM1 harness. Last week I did not know what to connect it to so I just taped it up. I put it to good use this week... :D