Installing C5 Corvette Fog Lights into a Z06,
and Installing HID's in the fogs and Low Beams
HID 6000k - 9006 (HID Low Beam) and 899 lights (HID Fog lamps)

Installed a set of C5 Fog lights, and then installed HID 6000K lights in the fog lights, and then HID 6000K lights into the low beam head lights. WOW what a big difference ! I'm comparing to the Silverstars too ! The silverstars are YELLOW big time compared to this setup ! I can only imagine how it would compare to stock....

Total cost for C5 fog lights, and all HID hardware was $423 everything in :D . I got the C5 fog lights, console button, wiring harness, brackets etc... from a scrap yard. All the HID setups were fron that auction site. Please PM me for more details if your interested.

Its not too bad to do really.....

I first installed the fog lamp button in the dash. It was easy to pop out and snap in the new one. Once the button was in, and you have the head lights on you can press the fog light button and it should light up the LED in the button, and you should hear a "CLICK" from under the hood. This told me that the circuit was complete all the way to the relay. GM did not bother to change the electrical harness/relays to take out the fog lamp equipment on the Z06's. Good for us that wanted to add the OEM C5 fog lamps after the fact ! GM did not run wiring from the fuse box to the fog lamps though. We have to do that ourselves.

Then I installed the 2x factory C5 fog lamps with some mounting HW I got at Lowes (see below). I then ran the 2 seperate purple wires from each fog lamp to the purple wire under relay #39. Be sure not to cut the purple wire because it leads from the fuse box to the relay inside the car (your little light on the fog lamp button will not light up if you clip the purple wire). Just solder the two purple leads from the fog lamps to the purple wire under relay #39. Use electrical tape or heat shrink and secure/isolate the conection.

Looking at the schematic below.... If you follow the purple (PPL) wire directly below Fuse #8 in the schematic, you can see it goes to the OEM fog switch inside the car. That is the wire I accidentally "cut". I should have just connected my 2x fog lamp wires to it. Thats why my light indicator on the OEM fog switch did not light up after my initial install. Then I realized the light on my switch did not work, and I later had to go back in and re-connect it...

Lifting the fuse box to get under it is a bit of a pain, and you don't have too much room at all to work. I removed the shroud around the battery/fuse box to give me some elbow room. You will have to try to pull a bit on the wiring harnesses to get some slack. Just be careful with it and you should not have any issues.

In theory you could run a single wire from the purple wire in the fuse box to one lamp, then one wire from that lamp to the other lamp. I just chose to do it the same way the factory did it.... Just in case it was done like that for a specific reason. I suspect each lamp was run seperately so that you would not over current a single wire and melt it.

From the schematic I scanned in below it says that Fuse 8 (10A) is the only fuse for the fog lamp circuit. See Fuse 8 on the top middle of the schematic. I put in a 20A because the 10A blew (HID's draw high current on powerup).

I then ran the 2x black GND wires from the fog lamps and connected them to the GND block over the passenger wheel inside the engine bay.

I then used the black plastic wire wrap that I got at Lowes to cover the wiring all the way from the fog lamps to the fuse box. I tie wrapped it along the way to secure it. I also tried to hide it so its not seen. The parts of the wire wrap that you can see it still looks like stock because it looks like the wire wrap that the factory harnesses use.

This is not my video, but it shows where the Purple wire is located inside the Fuse box.


C5 Fog Light Schematic

Pull out the Z06 trunk button, and install new Trunk/fog button. Turn on head lights, and push the fog light button.
You should hear a click from a relay in the engine bay, and the LED on the fog light button should light up.

Wiring harness I got from a Corvette scrap yard (below).

C5 Fog Light Harness stripped from the wiring harness

Speed Nuts and bolts from Lowe's

Mount the speed nut

Mount the C5 Fog Light

HID 6000k - 9006 (HID Low Beam) and 899 lights (HID Fog lamps)

I mounted my balasts under the brake cooling ducts.

6000K Low beams, and 6000K fogs on.

6000K Low Beams Only on

6000K Fogs Only on

Installed Clear Corners with Switchback DRL LED's, and Amber Sidemarker LED's