Installing a FAST 92mm Intake Manifold, and a LS2 Throttle Body on the C5 Corvette

What I got to perform this job:

I got a new FAST 92mm Intake Manifold, and send it to SpinMonster for porting and painting flat black.
SpinMonster also sealed the intake for me with the FAST provided gasket.

I got a new LS2 Throttle body, and send it to SpinMonster for porting.(Not ported in picture)

I got a new LS2 throttle body wiring harness from Casper Electronics (PN 108115)

You're going to need all the hardware that ships with the FAST intake.

My driver's side valve cover has a Factory GM plug in it.
If you have a vacuum line in yours then you should run that line to the intake coupler also.

You're going to need some silicone for the MAP sensor at the back of the FAST intake.

You're going to need a throttle body Bypass for the coolant lines.
The LS2 Throttle Body does not have these coolant lines.

You're going to need a 3/8" fuel line disconnect tool.

Before starting install.

Remove the Positive (+) battery terminal.

Remove both of the engine covers.

Remove the Air intake from the front of the engine.

Remove the Throttle body.

Take note of the orientation of the lines on the catch can (or stock setup).
Disconnect both lines at the intake.

Use the 3/8" fuel line disconnect tool to remove the fuel line.
Take my advice and put rubber gloves over the open fuel lines so they don't spill out.

Remove all 8 fuel injector connectors. Lightly push on the metal clip and they come off.

Remove these grey clips by squeezing the back side of them.

Remove this connector at the drivers firewall. Push on the white clip and it comes off.

Remove 8 of the intake bolts. Leave the 2x under the firewall for the next step.

Loosen and lift the 2x intake bolts under the firewall.
Put a tie wrap or tape once you lift them slightly.
The goal here is NOT to scratch the head sealing surface as you remove the intake.

Disconnect the Grey connector on both sides of the intake.

Disconnect the Brake booster line right at the Brake booster.
Its a lot easier than disconnecting it in the rear of the intake..

Best have a friend help on this part.
Gently life the intake and move it forward a little.
Reach behind it and disconnect the MAP sensor cable, and the 1/8" Vacuum line under the MAP.

Clean and vacuum the entire area. Be careful not to scratch the head sealing surfaces.

Tape off the head ports so that no dirt gets in them.

Clean off the fuel injector tips gently.
Lightly oil the o-rings. It makes them slip into the new intake much easier.

Remove the Brake booster line, and the MAP from the old intake.

Use some of the RTV silicon gasket maker and coat the MAP sensor. Install in new intake.

Install the brake booster line into the new intake.

Replace the 10 valley cover bolts with the low profile bolts supplied with the FAST.
Replace one bolt at a time and torque to 18 ft/lbs.

Lightly oil the 8 gaskets, and insert into the new intake manifold.

Install the fuel rails. Gently push the injectors into the new intake.
Having lightly oiled the o-rings, it should slip in very easliy. Be careful not to "cut" an o-ring.
Install the 4x mounting screws that holds down the fuel rail to the intake.

Remove the center cowl plastic plug. The new intake will hit it.
Once the intake is in place you can go back and clip the length of the plug and re-install.

The stock 10x intake long bolts reach further into the heads than the bolts suplied by Fast.
I used the stock bolts. Put 2x long bolts into intake before you slide it under the cowl.
Be sure to lift and tape the 2x bolts so as not to scratch the head seal surface.
Before sliding the new intake all the way back be sure to plug in the MAP sensor,
and the 1/8" Vacuum line. Route the brake booster line as you slide the intake back into place.

The stock intake had a place where this part mounted to. The new intake does not.
We tie wrapped it to the stock wiring, and removed the un-needed bracket.
Plug in the 8x injectors, 2x grey connectors, and black connector at drivers firewall.

Plug your catch can, or stock connections back into the manifold.

Start screwing in all 10x intake bolts. Only finger tight to start.
Make 2x passes on the torque sequence. 45inch lbs first pass, and 89 inch lbs second and final pass.
Follow the sequence listed below for both torque sequences.

Reconnect the fuel line and clip.

Install and route the new LS2 Throttle body Harness.

Install the throttle body gasket into the new intake.
Fast did not supply proper throttle body mounting screws so I got 4x 45mm #6 Stainless bolts with washers/lock washers.

Mount the LS2 throttle body, and connect the electrical connections to it.

I installed the air coupler and the rest of the vararam to make sure everything fit right.

Running the valve cover vent line to the intake.

1/2" Drill bit to drill into the intake.
Weld Bung -6AN Male
3/8" Barb fitting 90 degree, to -6AN Female fitting

3/8" Fuel line

Drill a 1/2" hole into the intake.
Thread the Weld Bung into the hole.

Ensure that the Weld bung is threaded in tight inside for a good seal.

Put a length of fuel line onto the 3/8" barb 90 degree fitting.
Tighten the 6AN bung fitting to the 6AN 90 degree fitting.

Cut the 3/8" Fuel line to the desired length, and push onto the valve cover vent line.

Install complete.

How to Shave the engine covers to fit the Fast 92.

To shave the engine covers you will need the following.
I got a 2" drum sanding wheel with 80 Grit sand paper and used my drill.

You can see the BEFORE covers on top, and the AFTER covers on the botttom.

The 2" drum sanding wheel fits very well for the angles I was trying to achieve.
What I did was install the cover, make marks where it needed to be sanded, and started sanding.
I would then re-install the cover and make more marks where it needed to be sanded, and started sanding again.
I continued doing this over and over and over till I got the shape I was looking for.
I went slow with it so as not to over sand any given area.
I wanted it to look like it was designed to fit the intake from the factory.
I made sure that the covers snapped into place and there was adequate clearance around the intake.
After I achieved the fit I wanted, I went back and used 400 grit sandpaper smoothed the cut edges.

This is how the Passenger side fits after sanding.

This is how the Driver side fits after sanding.

Everything is complete now.

Double check all connections before connecting the Negative (-) battery terminal.
Turn the ignition to the ON position (do not start) for a minute or so.
This will allow the fuel to pressurize the fuel rails before ignition.
Get your car Dyno tuned because you will be running lean after this install.

Go get your new FAST intake manifold Dyno Tuned and enjoy the new power !

Here are my dyno results ...