Repairing the C5 HVAC "Dim Display"

Here is how to remove the HVAC control unit from the C5 Corvette.

Remove the 4x screws in the HVAC cover (Circled in red).

Remove the 4x screws in the circuit card (Circled in red).

The surface mount resistors in the below picture (circled in red) need to have the solder re-flowed..
Be sure to solder on a flat surface as the surface mount resistors will move around if your circuit card is on an angle.

**NOTE** There is another HVAC board design out there.
The same 241 surface mount resistors need to be re-flowed.
They are on the same board, just not in the same position as my board below.

Here is the other earlier version board.

This is after I did the soldering work.
The HVAC display is back to standard brightness now.

Re-install the circuit card in the HVAC unit.
Test the HVAC in the car to make sure it works fine before final install.
Re-install the HVAC unit into the car.