Installing QTP exhaust cutouts on my CTS-V Coupe

QTP remote controller

Inline 12v glass fuse

Extension wires from controller to QTP motors

QTP Remote Controllers

QTP cutouts

QTP pipes that get welded into OEM exhaust

QTP Turndowns

QTP Turndowns

Have some options for connecting the Ground wire

Have some options for mini fuses

Tape to hold various wires under the carpet

Add - A - Fuse

Add - A - Fuse

Various parts needed to solder wire together

Slide the heat shrink over the Red wire.
Solder the Add-A-Fuse to the Red wire.

Slide the heat shrink over the solder connection.
Heat shrink using a heat gun.

Crimp and solder a correct sized lug on the ground wire.

Apply double sided 3M stick tape to bottom of QTP controller

Remove the following to access the battery area.

Remove the 2x 8mm hooks from the back plastic trunk cover.

Lift straight up and remove the back plastic trunk cover.

Lift straight up and remove the back plastic trunk cover.

Pull back the side carpet to expose battery area.

Notice that Fuse #38 is "NOT USED" and available to plug into.
Fuse #38 is "ALWAYS ON". It is NOT a switched 12v power source.
I was not able to locate a 12v "switched" fuse in the trunk.

Notice that Fuse #38 is "NOT USED" and available to plug into.

Clean flat surface to mount QTP controller.

Mount QTP controller.

Tape up the antenna so it does not move around.

Connect black wire to GROUND terminal.

Tie up any loose wires.

Run and secure 12v red wire to fuse #38.
Tape up any loose wiring.

Add-A-Fuse connected.

Leave wiring to QTP motors/cutouts exposed so that you can test.

Place the 2x QTP motors in the trunk and plug up the extension wires to them both.
Try running a test with the remote control.

How to program your Homelink with your QTP remote

You can only program one button for OPEN and one button for CLOSED
I programmed the MIDDLE button for OPEN
I programmed the RIGHT button for CLOSED
My LEFT button was already programmed for my garage door

Hold the QTP remote VERY close to the Homelink like seen below.
Choose what Homelink button you want to use to OPEN the QTP cutouts

Press and hold "BOTH" of the following buttons at the same time:
--> OPEN button on the QTP controller
--> Desired button on Homelink to open QTP cutouts

You will see the "RED" LED flash slow on the home link.
When the Homelink RED LED begins to blink FAST, then release both buttons
My RED LED started to blink FAST in about 3-4 seconds.
That Homelink button is now programmed.
You can run a test on your QTP cutouts to see if they operate remotely.

Perform the same procedure above for the CLOSED position.

At Pronto Muffler for install.

Underside before install.

Holes in exhsuat being cut.

Almost there!

Installed and ready to complete the wiring at home.

Remove the rear trunk plastic cover with 8mm socket.

Rear trunk plastic cover removed.

Lift the carpet exposing bottom of trunk metal floor.

Drill 2x pilot holes directly above the QTP motor wires.

Now drill a 1/2" hole.
You will need to enlarge the hole slightly for the wire to fit through.

De-Burr the holes on the botton side. Do not leave sharp edges.

Push the extension wiring from the bottom of the car up thru the holes.

Need 2x rubber gromits. This will help protect the wiring.

Cut the gromits to slide over the wiring.

Slide the gromits over the wiring and push into the 1/2" holes.

Set the wire length under the car and tie wrap the wire (strain relief).

Tie wrap the wires in the car so they will not slide down.

Tape up the extension wires so they do not wiggle loose.

Tape down the wiring in various areas to help secure it.

Everything back in its place.

Install complete.

Install complete.

Testing the cutouts before starting the engine.

Opening and closing the cutouts as the car is idling.

Revving the motor with cutouts closed, and open.