Headlight Enhancements for my 2011 Caddilac CTS-V Coupe

It's important to note that HID color can differ between manufacturers.
I have provided the links to the sites where I got my lights so you should get the same result I did.

Headlights (Need 2x bulbs)
D1S bulb type - Morimoto 6500K HID

LINK TO --> D1S Morimito Bulbs.

DRL's - Daytime Driving Lights
5201 Bulb type - 6000K iJDMTOY® Xenon White 15-SMD High Power

LINK TO --> 5201 DRL LED's.

Fog Lights
H11 bulb type - 35W 5000K HID Slim ballast

LINK TO --> DDM Tuning HID Fog lights

Here is how the lights looked BEFORE the install

Here is how the lights looked AFTER the install