How to Install Corbeau A4 seats into a C5 Corvette

JM20 on the Corvette Forum supplied most of the pics (Thanks !)
Some of the written procedure is from JM20 as well.

Here are the Corbeau A4's as they arrived.

Some people complain that the seat base of the Corbeau is too "flat" when placed in the car.
Washers are used between the seat base, and the seat frame to raise the front of the seat.
Washers are also used between the seat frame, and the car floor to raise the front of the seat.
Its up to you as to how much of a lift you want to raise the front of the seat.

The washers I used between the seat frame and the floor were 5/8".
You can see a pic of the washer size I used in the bottom pic with the carpet install.

Below are pictures of the washers used between the seat and the seat frame.
(32) Metric M8 Flat Washers (Will use 16 of these per seat) (from Home Depot)
(8) Metric M8 Lock Washers (Will use 4 of these per seat) (from Home Depot).
I optd to use lock washers instead of blue locktite in case I need to make further washer adjustments.

(2) Carabiners in Black (Home Depot)

You must mount the Passengers seat in the Drivers seat location, and vise versa.
This is done because the seat belt retractor on the C5's is too wide,
and the recline lever on the Corbeau A4's will not fit.
Your seat belt recline lever will be facing the inside of the car on both seats.

You'll see where I added eight flat washers to each of the front mounting points.
After the eight washers and one lock washer,
there was still enough thread on the Allen bolt to go into the seat and tighten securely.
Using a 6mm Allen wrench.

And since the recliner lever will be near the Tunnel,
Take the hook off the Carabiner and add a second key ring:

Ready to mount into your car !

Important tip #1 --> Be sure to lay a thick blanket across your door sill when removing/installing the seats.
You can very easily scratch the paint on your door sill with the seat tracks.

Important tip #2 --> Leave the comm connector to the seat belt on both drives and passengers disconnected.
There is no need to connect these as the car will ALWAYS think the seat belt is connected with the comm connector off.

Important tip #3 --> There is a computer module under your stock drivers seat. I removed this from my stock seat.
I left all the connections plugged into it, and tucked it under the drivers seat carpet.
I hear it can cause issues with memory, and telescopic steering if its not plugged in.

Important tip #4 --> This is the best time to clean up the seats, and put on some Leather conditioner.
I like Zaino "Leather in a Bottle".
Clean and vacuum the seating area before you mount your new seats.

Here are my seats after install.
(I did not have the carpet installed when I first installed my seats)

I got some back carpet from Walmart to mount under the seat rails to hide the bare spots.
It was Walmart product # 15524364 (Remington Industries Carpet Replacement - Model 170-12).

Enjoy your new seats !!!

If you want to take it one step further you can modify the seat brackets.
This will allow you to install the passenger seat on the passenger side braket,
the drivers seat on the drivers seat bracket,
and have the reclining lever on the correct side of both seats.
Cudos to CF member "Switchbarrel" for the idea !

After a week I decided to put the seat back to normal position.
I did not like the new position of the seat and it was "off center" to the steering wheel.
You can easily put it back to normal if you don't like it.