My Cleaning Regiment on my Z06

Exterior paint

Dust off car with Microfiber towel and water before applying polishes below.
Zaino Z5 - Fine scratch removal polish - I allow to dry on the car overnight before removal with clean cotton towel.
Zaino Z2 - Show car shine polish - I allow to dry on the car overnight before removal with clean cotton towel.
Using a new microfiber towel I go back over all the paint to make sure I did not miss a spot.
I apply polishes with microfiber round sponges.
Zaino Z8 - Detail spray in between polishes (I just dust off the car with Microfiber towels and Z8)

Fender wells, and underside of car.

Lift car on all 4 corners, safely place jack stands under car, and remove all 4 wheels.
Soak a microfiber towel in water, and clean entire fender well, and suspension components.
Use a dry microfiber towel and dry off fender well, and all suspension components.
Using the soaked microfiber towel clean the underside of car as best you can while it's lifted.
Be sure to clean the air intake area in front (inspect for debris), and clean the black lower front faring.


Interior cleaned with ONLY water and Microfiber towel.
Vacuum the entire interior, and the trunk.
Clean and detail the door jam's and trunk lid areas with microfiber towel and water.
Clean and detail inside the gas filler door with microfiber towel and water.
Zaino Z9 - Leather seat cleaner. I use this 3-4 times a year to fully clean the leather seats.
Zaino Z10 - Leather in a Bottle (leather conditioner). I put this on every Sunday evening after cruising all weekend.


Zaino Z16 - Tire shine - Dries on and does not sling off.
Best to apply with an Eagle 1 sponge.
Gives a nice semi-gloss "clean" look to the tires.


Engine cleaned with ONLY water and Microfiber towel.

Bare Aluminum CCW wheels

Polish with Adam's Metal Polish #1 and #2
Spray detail with Zaino Z8/Microfiber in between polishing with Adam's.
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Windows - Inside and Out

Zaino Z8 - Wipe on all exterior and interior windows with microfiber towel.
Never use ANY chemicals on interior "tinted" windows.
Go do something else and let dry to haze.
Wipe back off with dry microfiber to a clear smooth finish.
Interior "tinted" windows only use water and microfiber towel to clean.
RainX on exterior windows once a month.
Makes the windows super smooth and easy to wipe with microfiber.
See procedure on my web site for the RainX.
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Exhaust Tips, and entire cat back exhaust.

Polish exhaust tips, and whole cat back with Adam's Metal Polish #1 and #2, and Webril wipes
Exhaust stains on the tips just melt off with Adam's metal polish.
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