Repairing scratches on your Bare Aluminum Wheels.

This procedure is designed to remove scratches that polishing alone will not remove.

This procedure is NOT for "clear coated" wheels.
You will damage the clear coat on your wheels if you do this.

Here is what I use to do this:

Adam's Metal Polish
Webril Wipes (8"x8" wipes)
Water spray bottle
3M sandpaper in various grit levels (600, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000)
Rubber gloves are also something you should use because things get messy... 8-)

Make sure your wheels are clean before sanding.
Locate areas with deep scratches that need sanding.

Your going to start sanding with the roughest grit (600 in this case) first to remove the deep scratch in the aluminum.
Continue to sand with 600 grit until the scratch is gone.
The higher grit sand papers will be used to bring back the mirror shine.
Cut a section of sand paper off. What ever size you feel comfortable with.

Wet the area to be sanded with water, and wet the square piece of sand paper.
Sand the scratch till the scratch is no longer visable.

Cut squares of the next higher grit sand paper.
Wet the area, and the sandpaper and repeat sanding the area.
Your sanding area will increase slightly as you sand to ensure you get the rough area's.
The below pictures demonstrate what it looks like as I moved to higher, and higher grit sand paper ending with 3000.

I like to fold the Webril wipe into 1/4 sections.
Pour some metal polish on the wipe. Don't be shy here... 8-)

Polish the area. Its normal for it to turn black as it removes oxidization off the bare aluminum.

Wipe the area off with a clean cloth and inspect your wheel.
Adam's Metal Polish does such a good job I only had to polish the wheel once to get a mirror shine.

Enjoy your repaired wheel !!!