Polishing your BARE ALUMINUM wheels.

Here is what I use to do this:

Adam's Metal Polish.
Webril Wipes (8"x8" wipes)
Rubber gloves are also something you should use because things get messy... 8-)

Make sure your wheels are clean before polishing.
I like to fold the Webril wipe into 1/4 sections.
It gives me 8 clean sides to use when polishing.

Here is one of my wheels after polishing has been applied.
You can see the Aluminum Oxidation coming off the wheel because it turns Black.
I like to polish all 4 wheels and put them in front of a large fan to dry for at least an hour.
If the polish "smears" when you try to remove it then it has not dried long enough.

Here is a BEFORE and AFTER picture.
Look closely at the fine scratches in the Aluminum, and how they are gone after polishing.
After a few months of dusting off the wheel with MicroFiber towels they get scratched.
I used to use Micro fiber towels to remove the Adam's Metal Polish but they STILL would leave left fine scratches behind.
The Webril wipes practically remove ALL fine scratches!

My wheels are now as close to NEW as they have ever been !