ACA HID Modification with Morimito FX-R 1.1 Projectors

Here are my new Morimito FX-R 1.1 HID Projectors.

Click here for link to where I purchased my FX-R 1.1 projectors. (

Here is the Top Side

Here is the bottom side
The 2x Red wires go to a solenoid which lowers an internal plate allowing
all the light to shine out the projector giving you HIGH beams

You WILL need a Hi-4 harness from "TheRadioFlyer" so that the low beams stay on when the high beams are triggered.

I also decided to wire up a second relay. This relay keeps my Fog lights on when my High beams are on.

Here is a good picture of a typical 12 Volt Relay

Relay Pin 30 - Connect directly to 12v battery + terminal. (make sure you fuse this with 20a)
Relay Pin 85 - Connect directly to Chassis Ground.
Relay Pin 86 - Connects to High Beam Fuse #12. This is your Trigger voltage. Engages the contactor in the Relay.
Relay Pin 87 - Connects to Fog Light 20Amp Fuse #6. This is your 12v that turns on the Fog lights.
Relay Pin 87a - Not used.

Basically what happens is this....
1.) Once you turn on your HIGH BEAMS.... pin 86 will be supplied 12v
2.) Pin 85 is grounded so it will ENGAGE the contactor built into the relay.
3.) Pin 30 has 12v power on it at all times, and because the contactor triggers,
it will allow voltage to travel from pin 30 to pin 87 .... thus
supplying power to the Fog lights.

Remove the 3x screws holding the black light surround.

If you have ever removed the painted top cover you know its a pain to re-align when re-installing.
I drilled very small holes (both sides, and back). I verified that my thin nail fit before removing the painted top.

When re-installing the top, insert the nails first to align, then install screws..
Worked PERFECT for me when I re-installed everything.

Remove the 2x nuts/bolts from the piviot at the back of the light assy.

Be SURE to not damage the white plastic insert on the bolts.

Remove the Pivot arm from the motor.

High, and Low Beam connectors. Note the Colors of the wires.

Remove the 3x Bolts holding the ACA assy to the stock bracket.

Separate the ACA housing from the stock bracket.
Note the long Brass rod is for your lights up and down adjustment.
Note the short Brass rod is for your lights side to side adjustment.
This is a great time to lubricate these with lithium grease !!!
They break easily if not lubricated.

Remove the 4x screws to remove the ACA Projector

Remove ACA projector

Compare ACA and Morimito FX-R 1.1 Projectors.

The new FXR's are too tight a fit in the ACA housing.

Make sure to tape/seal off the projector hole in the ACA housing to keep inside the housing clean.
I trimmed the following areas which gave me room to...:
1.) Center the projector in the ACA housing properly.
2.) Verify its properly flush in the ACA housing.

The FXR now sits flush, and is centered with plenty of adjustment room if needed.

Required screws needed to mount the FXR's into the ACA housing.

This is CRITICAL !!!
Make sure to line up the 4x ACA mounting screw holes to where you want to drill holes in the FXR's
The screws MUST be countersunk also .
The spring for the high beam plate will make contact to the bolts if they sit too high.
I started out with a VERY small drill bit and located the correct spot to drill.
Then moved progressively larger ensuring that I'm drilling in the correct location.
Once my hole was properly drilled, I used a really large bit and countersunk the holes.

Use Blue Loctite on the tips of your screws to hold them in place.
Ensure that the FXR is centered in the ACA housing.
Screw down all 4 bolts gently as not to strip out the ACA housing holes.

Its perfectly centered, and looks like any regular ACA projector.

Both Projector shields installed in the housing.

Both Projector shields removed.

Take a close look at the small tabs on shield #1 that can be used to adjust the projector reflector level.

Install Shield #1, and ensure that the reflector is level liks seen below.
I did not re-install shield #2

Notice the lip on the EBAY D2S bulb below. It would not sit "flush" in the projector housing.
The OEM D2S Phillips bulb does not have this lip.
I had to shave the lip off the EBAY bulb.
This is EXTREMELY important to do if needed. The bulb must fit flat and flush in the reflector.

Shaved lip off the D2S EBAY bulb.

Ensure that the bulb is centered in the projector.

Ensure that the bulb is centered in the projector.

By now you realize that the mounting screws for the reflector will be super hard to install.
They mount in such a way that we no longer can get to easily.
I went out and got some 4mm screws, nuts, washers, and lock washers and it worked perfectly.

Use Blue LocTite on the threads to secure them.

Reflector mounting bolts from the top side.

D2S HID bulb installed.

The 2x red wires will plug directly into the high beam connector.
I heat shrinked the wires to keep them together and safer from damage.
They control the internal plate in the FXR.
When high beam is activated, the plate moves out of the way to allow all the light to exit the projector.
You may have noticed that the FXR's do not come with connectors to mate to your high beam connector.
You will need to purchase connectors for this. I had some already but I suspect Radio Shack would have them.

FXR's mounted to ACA housing complete. (side view)

FXR's mounted to ACA housing complete. (top view)

You need to trim an area on you're factory light bracket.
Its metal so your going need more than just cutters.

I put 3M Double sided tape on the HID ballast.
If you have ever tried to remove one you know how strong this tape is.

Connect the D2S wire connector to the bulb.
Make sure to orient the old high beam bulb away from the light lift arm.
It will crush the light bulb housing if not oriented correctly.

New AC 55w ballast mounted with the wiring ready to connect.
Note the inline resistor pack for the Low beam connector.
This cures the light UP/DOWN issue with having HID's on C5's.

Install the assembly back into your car.
If your light does not turn on, try flipping the low beam connector.
Often times the (+) and (-) wires are not correct.
I have nothing wired to my ACA high beams. They are useless since the FXR's do Low and High beam now.

Now perform the same procedure above on the other side of the car... 8-)

Here is how they look at night.

Low Beams (6000K 55W)

High Beams (6000K 55W)